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UAMTeam - Sep 10, 2019

Stay in the loop for Virtual Assistant Services Rates for This 2019

You’ve finally decided to delegate and go for a virtual assistant because you realized work is taking a toll on you.

Congrats for that choice! Because you’re not a superhero. We know you believe in working to pamper your client, but you need to take care of yourself too!

And now that you think you solved a big problem (which in fact you have completely), you found a lot of issues on your mind: virtual assistance service rates. 

Pricing worries you a lot. And you’ve started doing your proper research.

Also, you may be wondering at this point:

  • How does a virtual assistant work?
  • What are their skills and experience?
  • Is everything going to be crystal clear from the start?
  • Is this better than hiring a full-time work employee?
  • Are all virtual assistant services the same? 
  • How much will this type of service cost?
  • Does a virtual assistant charge hourly—or is there a monthly plan?

Today, let’s explore these questions and the implications of hiring virtual assistant services in full detail. 

Even though outsourcing may feel a little bit scary at first, it's definitely good value for money. 

And this blog is the perfect vehicle to understand why you should hire a virtual assistant:antonino-visalli-5k0ABP-VuQI-unsplash

1. A virtual assistant works in a personalized way:

As not every business need is the same, neither assistant services should be. There's a variety of factors to take into consideration when hiring a virtual assistant for your company.

First of all, you’ll have to consider the size of your company. 

Your necessities won’t be the same if you are a venturing independent contractor than if you already survived the first two or three hardest years of your startup, weathering more than one storm.

Another major variable to consider is your niche or industry. 

Marketing is not the same as Real estate virtual, for example.

But how much will the virtual assistant cost?

Keep reading.

2. The skills of a virtual assistant should vary considerably and make unique profiles:

Lucky for you, there’s a perfect match for each and every need. We suggest you first take your proper time to plan and think specifically about the tasks you need to delegate to your future virtual assistant (va.)

This way, it will be easier to find all the skills you need in the very same person. 

Because it’s possible and easier this way.

No matter if it’s web design and bookkeeping at the same time. There’s an assistant out there with those abilities ready to work with you!

You just have to find them. And you will.

From general administrative tasks to specialized blog management. 

From social media to customer support improvement, there’s a virtual assistant who can handle it.

3. What if something goes wrong and you don’t like your virtual assistant?

As we stated before, take your proper time to organize yourself first. The vaguer you are in your communications towards finding the best virtual assistant for your business, the more chances of experiencing issues are.

Talk to companies, ask for support and see what they have to offer. If something is not clear from the start, talk with customer service until you figure it out.

4. Everything you need to know about the pricing of a virtual assistant is here:

Now the fun part. 

According to a survey that ZipRecruiter carried out, we can conclude that va prices will highly differ according to:

  • Experience of the virtual assistant
  • Location of the VA
  • Whether you hire the service per hour or monthly (you´ll save money by choosing a monthly plan instead of an hourly fee)
  • The company that offers the virtual assistant 
  • The skills of the VA (It´s not the same to have a unique combination of abilities (like coding and writing) than general skills of an administrative assistant)
  • Whether you decide to hire the virtual assistant on your own (or through a specialized company) 
  • It’s totally advisable to start off with the right foot and avoid going solo. A company which is dedicated exclusively to offer virtual assistant solutions will find you the perfect fit.

5. Not all virtual assistant services are the same:

Not only will years of expertise in the virtual assistance arena make the difference, but the technologies specialized companies apply is what also distinguishes an average VA company from a remarkable one.

But, how to identify an outstanding VA services business that uses the latest technologies in your favor?

It’s simple. 

  • They put the customer (you) first
  • They look for value in what they do
  • It’s shown through pleasant customer service 
  • They charge according to your needs
  • You can clearly see a different featured plan for each business stage
  • You don’t feel forced into hiring the service 
  • Their social media channels are updated and look professional

Now that you’re willing to pay for having a virtual assistant working for you, there’s more that you need to know to finally relax and understand how hiring virtual assistance services can totally change the way you do business.patrick-amoy-0Vc8UJenzm0-unsplash

The technologies we use at Uassist.ME:

All of our virtual assistants have experience using Microsoft Office and most are proficient in CRMs such as 

  • Basecamp
  • Infusionsoft
  • Zendesk
  • etc. 

Depending on your specific requirements, some assistants can use accounting software, design software, programming environments, CMSs, etc.

Compare our different options here. 

We took our time to think beforehand about your day to day work problems.

And the best way to solve them at a reasonable price is here. 

From a 20-hour plan to our new full-time support team, Uassist.ME has virtual assistant solutions for whatever issue you’re experiencing.

Whether you need to delegate 

  • graphic design
  • video editing
  • social media marketing
  • social media a customer support 
  • general administrative chores

and much more!

We got your back.

Learn how to best utilize your assistant and the support system they will have to make your user experience flawless. We really hope we can help you expand your business horizons this 2019.

Call us: 

+1 (305) 507-8406 

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Written by UAMTeam