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5 Social Media Design Tips for 2014.

Posted by admin on Dec 26, 2013 4:10:26 PM

In a world that are ever-changing of social media, visual elements and all kind of design are one of the most powerful ways to grab a viewer’s attention in your bussiness.

1. Write Less Copy.

When creating visual on social, the less detail the better. Copy should be creative and short to grab the viewer's attention. A link can be added for more information.

2. Determine Hierarchy.

Visual hierarchy is extremely important in design. With content, your words and images need to be organized in a way that helps the viewer prioritize the message. The more important the message, the more contrast it should have.

3. Prioritize typography.

Typography is a huge factor in visual design. With good typography, there is potencial to go beyond just word it elicits feelings and character about your brand. For headlines, make sure they are bold and easy to read. For body copy, maximize legibility by using the correct amount of leading and tracking. Lunes should be large enough to read - the shorter the lines, the better.

4. Consider a logo

When creating your own imagery, you have the option of branding your visuals. While some prefer to have their logo prominent on every piece of creative, others prefer to ditch the logo. It's your choice, so consider both options based on the audience.

5. Be creative

No doubt you've heard the term to "think outside the box". Perhaps you've wondered what that meant in actual fact, or you know what it means but you're so firmly "inside the box" that you don't even notice that you're in the box. Social media is a hub of design inspiration. Be creative and think outside the box.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

Posted by UAMTeam on Oct 23, 2013 6:09:12 PM

Email marketing is an excellent way to engage customers and increase both site traffic and sales. However, not all email messages are equally effective.

While there are many things that e-commerce merchants might do to improve the effectiveness of their email marketing, here are seven ideas to consider.

1. Have a Singular Focus

E-commerce marketers often send relatively frequent emails to the same customer list or segment. This is especially true during the holiday shopping season (from early October through the end of December). Given the frequency of emails and how busy recipients are, it can be effective to focus on a single call-to-action or a single category or item in each email.

As an example, a singularly focused email might mention a special sale on a particular category of products, but not necessarily show the recipients three different sale offers.

2. Aim to Specific Customers

Whenever possible, online retail marketers should target messages to customers. If you sell men’s and ladies’ clothing, as an example, you may want to send separate emails, targeting each category based on known customer preferences.

Target segmentation also reduced: bounce rates, abuse report rates, and the number of recipients who chose to unsubscribe.


3. Write a Compelling Subject

Recently, Google added tabs to its popular Gmail email client. One of the default tabs has the title “Promotions,” and most email marketers have seen roughly a 1 percent drop in open rates from Gmail users seemingly as a result.

In response, marketers are doing a lot to convince customers to move promotional emails from the Gmail Promotions tab into the Primary tab. But in truth, these messages are promotions. So maybe a better strategy would be to focus on standing out, regardless of how a recipient’s email client has categorized the email message.

Writing great subjects can be something of an art, but consider using testing and measurement to determine which subject lines work best for your business.


4. Use Attractive Images and Graphics

Regardless of all the media resources available, pictures are still important. They can also do a good job of conveying brand or product information.

Notice that leading online retailers — from Amazon and Walmart to the Gap and Zappos — all use large and attractive graphics in their email marketing campaigns. These are companies that spend a significant amount of time and money optimizing, and they all use great graphics.


5. Don’t Depend on Attractive Images and Graphics

Unfortunately, not every email recipient will see your attractive images and great graphics, since many users will block images at least initially.

One easy way to do this is to simply include good alt tag data with your email images.

6. Optimize for Mobile

Four in ten American adults read emails on a mobile device, according to Constant Contact, the email platform. This implies that if an ecommerce marketer is not optimizing email messages for mobile devices, 40 percent of potential customers — folks who may have been interested in an offer — might not read or interact with the message simply because it doesn’t work well on their device of choice.

To make emails more mobile friendly avoid using table layouts and inline styles that impact appearance. Also, consider segmenting email lists based on the type of device a user is likely to use.

7. Optimize Landing Pages

Remember that promotional email marketing doesn’t end with the email. It must send the interested recipient to a landing page to complete some action. Be certain that your landing page delivers the recipients what was promised.

Offer a clear path to conversion. If you were promoting a 30 percent off discount on hats, be certain your landing page shows hats that are 30 percent off and include clearly marked “Add to Cart” buttons or similar.

Optimize for the device, too. If you took the time to segment your list by device and create a special mobile-optimized email, make certain that the email links to a mobile optimized landing page.

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The 4 Facts you need to know about Mobile Commerce

Posted by UAMTeam on Sep 12, 2013 3:31:31 PM

Costumers are using smartphones and tablets to make purchases and research products and prices before making a purchase, or choosing a product; meaning that mobile may be an important channel for sales and engaging potential shoppers.

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Energize your week with music!

Posted by UAMTeam on Jul 24, 2013 3:36:28 PM

Do you want to finish a task? Coffee or RedBull are not enough to motivate you? Well, there's something that could pump up your energy at a low price: Music!

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5 Tools Every Business Owner Should Know

Posted by UAMTeam on May 1, 2013 10:40:51 AM

If you have your business, you know how time consuming and busy you might be during the day to track either your employee's productive working time, or even check if that other flight you wanted to book will be arriving on time.

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Relax, take it easy

Posted by UAMTeam on Mar 5, 2013 10:54:32 AM

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all the projects, tasks, and meetings that you need to complete at work? We have all been there. I testify! Aside of that, time flies! There are so many things to do and no time. You might have ended up with a headache or pain in the neck and elbows due to a long project and subsequently after a whole day at work. Relaxing a few minutes while on your work will help you. In this post, you´ll learn a few tricks to ease up your day.

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5 free editing video and sound editing software to make your life easier

Posted by UAMTeam on Feb 14, 2013 5:10:20 PM

Most of the websites we visit nowadays include videos with sound and music to guide us through certain software or to provide information. It's just easier for people to watch and listen instructions, than read through a manual.

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Quirkiest Apps Ever Made!

Posted by UAMTeam on Feb 8, 2013 4:28:05 PM

People can do almost everything from a mobile phone, including playing with some apps to pass time. According to a 2012 study (The Digital Revolution: A look through the marketer’s lens), 64% of mobile phone time is spent on apps, out of that 5.5% people used social networking apps, 2.3% Music/Video Apps and 55.8% other type of apps.

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Is your mobile phone cleaner than your toilet?

Posted by UAMTeam on Feb 1, 2013 11:46:12 AM

Believe it or not, your mobile phone does have germs; even more than your toilet sit! We know you don’t want to go viral literally that way, learn in this post how to get your phone clean of nasty bacteria without damaging it.

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5 Different Communication Tools for Businesses

Posted by UAMTeam on Jan 22, 2013 6:34:59 PM

If you have a business which is mostly handled over the Internet (selling services or products), you will surely be aware that communication is an essential part of leading your corporation. There are a lot of different tools you can use to keep in touch with your clients, or co-workers. Some of them are better for teaching, while other specialize more in providing alternate voice/video conference options. In any case, both options can truly help your ongoing business efforts!

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