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Uassist.ME Team - Aug 5, 2020

Top Administrative Tasks To Assign To Your Virtual Assistant Team

Many entrepreneurs today do not realize that the reason their business seems stagnant is that they are trying too hard to fit into the wrong hats. You cannot expect to be the Jack-Of-All-Trades and still expect the company to grow.


As a business owner, it is important to relieve yourself of the burden of unending administrative and time-consuming tasks that may not add value, but are necessary nonetheless. It is best for your business to outsource all administrative tasks to a team of virtual assistants.

A team is better than a single VA because you get a pool of talent at your disposal, a competent team captain to organize and delegate tasks and triple the productivity. Here are the top administrative tasks to outsource:

1. Calendar Scheduling and Calendar Management

Calendar scheduling and calendar management may seem like mundane tasks but when you get down to it, it can suck up your time insanely. Coordinating with sales representatives, scheduling meetings with clients or organizing events with prospective professionals takes too much time and detailed planning.

VA’s can manage your calendar beautifully, keep it sorted and ensure your meetings and schedules run like clockwork.

2. Bookkeeping

As a business owner, you must strive for transparency and pro-activeness in your financial management. This requires timely organization of your books rather than tackling it all at the end of the year. Regular bookkeeping means you can keep a tight watch over your expenses and save yourself from the miseries of tax seasons. Besides, handling it all at the end of the year can cost you expensive mistakes in the name of interest and fees.

Hire competent virtual assistants who can use cloud-based software such as QuickBooks for accounting like a pro. You keep sending the VA data while they keep updating your accounts, keeping you clean and sorted all year long.

3. Research

Our business world relies heavily upon information so it is no surprise that businesses possess an insatiable appetite for data. Entrepreneurs need information to thrive, whether it is about potential clients when making a sales pitch, of new products in the industry or about latest developments in business trends. It is all about data!

VAs can invest valuable time into collecting solid information for you. Moreover, they can also assist in planning and organizing your travels, preparing your itinerary, booking the best hotel after comparison and suggesting restaurants to complete the trip.

4. Email Management

What can be more frustrating for a business owner than to tackle a pile of emails sitting in the inbox? By the time you go through each email and respond accordingly, you have already lost perhaps 40% of your working day.

You can so easily transfer this load to a VA who would gladly handle the pile of emails for you. In fact, in the remote working structure, emails are the backbone since most of the communication takes place through this form of communication!

You may only have to establish some guidelines and procedures for email response but your VA can tackle the requests, forward mails to the concerned departments, respond to inquiries the way you instruct and separate junk from the important. This can even be a part time task and imagine the cost and time you will save by outsourcing email management.

5. Breaking Down Data

Business owners need metrics and data to improve the current performance of the company and to improve a healthy bottom line financially. The only problem is that data is always in raw form and you need to translate and break down to discern what the statistics mean. This again is a time-consuming task.

Va’s can be quite useful in this regard too, if they have knowledge of the industry and can translate data into plain English for you. Once they filter the data and make it readable for you, it will be easy for you to decide the next course of action for your business and optimize operations as per the needs.

Final Thoughts

Administrative tasks may not drive value as the core tasks of the company do but you must remember that the core tasks can never come to fruition until the rest functions smoothly. However, administrative tasks can eat up valuable time if you try to do them all on your own. A team of virtual assistants can handle all the extra tasks while you devote all your time and energy to growing your business.


Written by Uassist.ME Team