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Uassist.ME Team - Dec 8, 2020

Top 10 Tasks for Virtual Assistants during the 2020 Holiday Season

While Christmas carols may excite the merrymakers, entrepreneurs and businessmen find this a specifically busy time of the year. With the financial year lining up and the year close to an end, business owners have to wrap up everything nicely and manage to make it to holiday festivities.


Here are the top 10 tasks your VA can help you with during the holiday season. Not only will your business stay ahead in the busy operational time but also allow you to hop to the dinners, gatherings, and carol singing in time.

  1. Clients are the backbone of every business. The holiday is just the perfect time to appreciate the support of your clients. You can have your VA source greeting cards, write personal messages on your behalf and send the cards before the celebrations begin.
  2. Your company’s details on social media are vital to rank you among the top in Google display. You can ask your VA to update your social media bio following the industry keywords during this holiday. He/she can work to maintain consistency and uniformity of your images on all social media platforms.
  3. Holidays are the time when people literally splurge. This is why you should ask your digital marketing VA to design festive promotions and marketing campaigns to drive up sales for your business.
  4. We may celebrate Christmas amid a pandemic, but the absence of traveling does not mean they lack sending gifts. With no means of meeting up, you may wish to send each of your family and friends a little Christmas gift to spread the cheer. Your VA can organize and deliver appropriate skills for each of your special ones while you free up time for other household activities.
  5. The holiday cheer might not allow you to keep up with correspondence and emails. To avoid tackling a pile once the season ends, have your VA answer and send emails, update your social media handles and keep orders in flow to avoid piled up work later.
  6. Maintaining the viewability of your site requires add-ins to WordPress. The holidays can be the perfect time for your VA to update your About Page, create and post blogs, etc.
  7. Outstanding payments and managing the expenses during the holiday season can be somewhat stressful. It is best to ask your VA to follow up with clients who owe you money, sort out your outstanding balances, and ensure that there are no discrepancies in your financial status.
  8. Sorting out your contact list is imperative for business operations. If your numbers are updated, and you have notes stating where you met who, you will have an easier time dealing with clients. This holiday, ask your VA to label and group your contacts in order.
  9. Email folders tend to keep piling up in a disorganized heap. Encourage your VA to utilize the holiday time to sort out, archive, label, and set up filters for your email. Once you return, you will have a neat email folder for your references.
  10. Every new year, businesses, like individuals, start with new resolutions and objectives for betterment. Ask your VA to plan out business goals, better operations strategies, etc., for a fresh and improved start for the business.

Final Thoughts

Holidays are ideal for merrymaking, sharing pumpkin pies, and utilizing the time to sort out the loose details. Every business benefits when it has every element, from customer services, emails, correspondence to business strategies organized. This holiday, let your VA bring your operations in shape with our top 10 tasks.

Written by Uassist.ME Team