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Uassist.ME Team - Jun 22, 2020

Hiring the Best Virtual Assistant

Business, globally, is now more virtual than physical. Thus the highest demand of the hour is an excellent virtual assistant. If you are out in the online market looking for the best VA for your business, here are the characteristics you need to consider.


1.    Self-Motivated

A self-motivated virtual assistant will be a crucial asset for your business. Self-motivation means your VA will take initiatives when working on your projects, not procrastinate, and be more results-driven. Distractions tend to slow down the performance of the employees, but a self-motivated virtual assistant will stay right on track with schedules and deadlines, despite the other distractions in life.

2.    Independent

A good virtual assistant is one who is independent, who does not need constant monitoring and continuous guidance to get things done. This does not discredit the importance of training, but it does mean that you need to find a VA capable of working competently on his/her own. One who would not hesitate to take decisions and act upon them if she/he thinks it would benefit the business.

3.    Responsible

A good VA must understand the level of responsibility upon their shoulders. He/she treat your business as theirs and be responsible regarding every task they undertake. They must be detail-oriented and double triple check for errors, be as accurate and transparent as possible, and focus on providing qualitative work. A responsible VA is one who drives the value of the business.

4.    Strong Communicator

Clear communication skills are crucial since your virtual business depends on effective communication. The absence of physical contact demands that the VA should communicate each detail about the business.

Excellent spoken and written English skills are compulsory so that you and your clients do not suffer any communication gap because of the VA. Strong language command would ensure a smoother flow of correspondence between the business owner and the virtual employee as well as the clients.

5.    Time Management

In a virtual setup, the boss is unable to constantly stand over the employees' heads to ensure that all work comes in on time. It is crucial to find a very efficient VA with time management so that no precious minute goes wasted and productivity is steadily at the peak.

A VA must realize when he/she is the most productive and capitalize on completing your business projects at that time of the day.

6.    Adds Value

VAs must be creative, competent, and passionate about their work. They must be resourceful and contribute ideas that could help the company to succeed and expand. VAs who act like robots and only follow orders will not add much value to the business.

Two minds work better than one, and if you find and active, intelligent, and resourceful mind, your business will benefit tremendously.

7.    Can Work Under Pressure

As the business grows, so does the workload and the share of responsibilities. Find a VA capable of rising to the challenge of meeting the growing needs of your business. A virtual assistant who would crack under a little bit of pressure and stress out rapidly can be harmful to your clientele. Look for a VA that can perform well even when business is at its peak and projects are pouring in.

8.    Similar Time Zones

It is convenient to find a VA from a time zone similar to yours. This way, your working hours would be the same, and there would be easier communication between them. Having the same work schedule is advantageous because you are present to answer any questions or confusion your VA might have. Similarly, you, too, will have immediate access to your VA if you need to discuss relevant and urgent business matters. The same time zones also allow your VA to cater to your clients in real-time.

Final Thoughts

A competent VA enhances the productivity of your company and drives value. He/she also relieve you of much of the burden of administrative and management tasks, so that you have more time to work upon business and development strategies. This reason is why it’s essential to look for specific characteristics when hiring a VA to find the best fit for your business needs. One thing that will assist you in selecting the right candidate, will be the questions that you ask during the interview, this way you will learn more about the experience and the personality traits of your VA.



Written by Uassist.ME Team