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Uassist.ME Team - May 8, 2019

7 Things you Should Consider upon Hiring a Remote Team

It goes without saying that the amount of information stored and handled online is soaring every day. The same applies to the number of people working remotely as technology advances in ways we can even find difficult to keep up with.

Video calls, e-mail marketing, collaboration tools and instant messaging are just some of the common currencies if you happen to be working with technology these days.

And in one way or another, we are all going digital. That is a fact.

But, have you been toying with the idea of having a whole remote team working for you and your people?

Virtual teams can easily help you with a host of tasks and chores (like the organization of everyday meetings and administrative tasks), especially when asynchronous communication seems to be at the order of the day.

What is more, a virtual team can make your work run more smoothly as you can finally delegate certain activities to a group of qualified remote employees. And finally, you can stop worrying about time zones.

Also, an entire team working for you can simply do wonders to your productivity levels, your integrated communication, and of course, your time management. (The bigger picture for us.)adults-brainstorming-desk-1595385

So today, we are glad to share with you these 7 things to consider upon hiring a remote team.

These tools will certainly guide your way through the delegation process. It is advisable that you inform yourself about remote teams before making the best decision for the benefit of you and all your team members.

1. Think about all the time slots you will free up and enjoy:

We all know that time is a scarce resource. We want to know, what are you doing with it? Uncomfortable time zones find you waking up in the middle of the night feeling stressed and anxious?

If you decide to hire a virtual remote team, it is a big idea to assign all the tasks for one specific time zone to the same person. So, that way, communication can flow seamlessly and neatly when time is not on your side because of the distance.

Also, you will definitely have more time available to fit that extra yoga class in your schedule. Or maybe, you just want to spend quality time with the people you love and care about. In short, you will be working and living more happily.

And also, you will feel more relaxed when the free time to unwind comes.

Because people are having more and more problems to switch off after work, even though they do have some free time.

2. Strike a work-life balance—once and for all:baby-beautiful-beauty-377058

Some years ago, you decided to embark on the adventure of running your own business to do more of the things you love and less of those chores you do not.

You mainly craved for the seductive idea of freedom and flexibility that only working for yourself can give you.

However, lately, you find yourself repeatedly doing tasks that you are not enjoying. Chores sometimes seem to outnumber interesting challenges. You start to feel like you are trapped in your own project.

But you have no choice but to carry on because you need to grow your business.

But, if you work literally ALL DAY, when are you going to have the free time you deserve to enjoy everything you have accomplished so far?

That is when hiring a remote team can truly make all the difference.

It is a very simple process. What would you do with 40 extra hours a week?

3. Enjoy meetings more:

We know how you hate wasting your precious time. You feel like you live rushing from one place to the other. At work, at the gym, and at home.

Running from meeting to meeting and jumping from one task to another.

The day seems not to have enough hours, no matter what you do. No matter how you organize yourself and how many productivity manuals you can read.

But you can do it differently by hiring people who are working remotely for you.

Meetings do not have to last five minutes anymore.

Picture this: An entire virtual team is taking off the heavy working load from your shoulders while you accomplish your dreamed goals.

You can now start dedicating more time to meaningful exchanges with your clients (and your working team) to improve and align the way you all do business.

4. Start managing better:

Going remote can be scary at first for some people. Certain types of entrepreneurs and executives have the tendency to control everything so, it can be a hard shift to make in the beginning.

But, what if you could trust the virtual team as the local? With just a few communication routines you can totally improve your delegating, managing and leadership skills.

What do we recommend?

You should use all the techie tools at hand to simplify virtual communications, trust your team and start to shorten that distance.

It is obvious that distance is an inevitable side of working remotely and sometimes people cannot imagine how to bridge that gap.

However, there are a set of principles you can adopt and truly make it work to your favor. Gain a lot of free time to pursue better goals.

For instance, you can schedule a series of brief yet frequent video calls to have the closest experience possible to a face to face interaction.

5. Reduce communication issues for good:beautiful-woman-chatting-leisure-1919238

If you are constantly feeling stressed and under a lot of pressure at work, it is highly likely that you start to forget or misunderstand things.

We know and understand how this can hurt your work really bad.

With a raft of information passing, coming and flowing at high speed, it is easy to lose focus, attention to detail, and high performance when it comes to communicating.

Imagine how you would feel if you suddenly start communicating only with the team member and client you truly want to and in your own terms. Without worrying so much about time.

You are now able to communicate in a deeper, more human, and more meaningful way. There is real team bonding taking place. Don´t you think this could totally affect the way you work for the better?

6. Focus exclusively on what truly matters for businesses: people

Paying more solid attention to both your customers and the working team can help you gain a lot of insights that can help to improve your business strategy in the short term.  

If you are swamped with meaningless tasks every single day, it will be highly difficult to connect the dots like you know you can. You just need free time, some relaxation. You strongly need to get into a certain flow state to work and to really understand what people need.

And to be able to provide that, of course.

Are you really working this way? Or at least getting close?

Very few people can achieve that kind of focus that some can only dream of.

But hiring a remote team can totally increase the chances of that happening soon.

7. Reach your working goals faster than ever:businesswoman-career-communication-789822

Are you focusing only on five priorities for your company or do you have a lot on your plate right now?

It is a common scenario that we have to inevitably put priorities aside because of lack of money, or maybe lack of time. Or what is worse, the tough combination of both.

Once you get in the dangerous circle of lack of time and lack of money at the same time, it is extremely difficult to get out of it.

However, if you decide to open up to remote work, chances are you start running the goal engines faster. Managing time, money and people is so much easier when you have a remote workforce covering your back with the daily grind.

For example, if you happen to increase your visibility in social media channels or engage in more live conversations with future clients (like the video chat type or the webinar type), you can completely build trust faster with more and more people every time.

You can convert future prospects into clients. And needless to say, that kind of significant and value-driven effort will bring you more sales.

Nonetheless, you are fully aware that you cannot do all these multiple jobs on your own, even if you are a Jack of all trades.

Whether you like it or not, you will need a lot of help to accomplish those goals.

Did you know that hiring a remote team of virtual assistants can transform your working life for good?

So what are you waiting for?

Just request a consultation today.

Uassist.ME provides you with one of the best virtual assistance solutions ever.

Because a team of highly qualified remote employees will be helping you with those activities that are holding you back constantly. Because the company has been recently awarded as a HIPAA Compliant, and it is not easy to get there.
But, how can a team of virtual assistants change your work so much?

Among the wide scope of tasks virtual assistants can do for you and your business, they can easily:architect-businesswoman-composition-313691

  • Answer phone calls that otherwise interrupt your workflow
  • Schedule meetings with clients
  • Write prospects´proposals
  • Edit documents
  • Prepare slides
  • Manage your cloud storage
  • Manage your different social media channels to offer bedrock customer support
  • Curate specific content for your social media audience every day and help you maintain a strong online presence
  • Learn from social media analytics to grow your audience fast
  • Do general administrative tasks
  • Do translations or social media posting in two languages if you need to hire a bilingual team
  • Do bookkeeping tasks
  • Research about new products and services for your company
  • Update your customer base regularly
  • Prepare customer satisfaction surveys
  • Help you with any other specification that your niche requires

And which are the personality traits of a stellar VA?

  • They have the ability to think on their toes
  • They are true problem-solvers
  • They are fast learners
  • They are organized yet adaptable
  • They can handle communications super well
  • They are reliable
  • They are really professional and you can trust delicate information to them
  • They are creative and able to think outside the box
  • They like helping people like you
  • They know how to handle technology really well

So why not embracing virtual delegation tools as great team leaders do?

Because great team leaders understood one thing early: They needed to delegate if they wanted their business to grow. And now they love it!

Unlock your entire working potential today with Uassist.ME.

Focus only on the core tasks that you adore. Let us take care of the rest.

We are sure you won´t regret it.

Written by Uassist.ME Team