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admin - Dec 26, 2013

5 Social Media Design Tips for 2014.


In a world that are ever-changing of social media, visual elements and all kind of design are one of the most powerful ways to grab a viewer’s attention in your bussiness.

1. Write Less Copy.

When creating visual on social, the less detail the better. Copy should be creative and short to grab the viewer's attention. A link can be added for more information.

2. Determine Hierarchy.

Visual hierarchy is extremely important in design. With content, your words and images need to be organized in a way that helps the viewer prioritize the message. The more important the message, the more contrast it should have.

3. Prioritize typography.

Typography is a huge factor in visual design. With good typography, there is potencial to go beyond just word it elicits feelings and character about your brand. For headlines, make sure they are bold and easy to read. For body copy, maximize legibility by using the correct amount of leading and tracking. Lunes should be large enough to read - the shorter the lines, the better.

4. Consider a logo

When creating your own imagery, you have the option of branding your visuals. While some prefer to have their logo prominent on every piece of creative, others prefer to ditch the logo. It's your choice, so consider both options based on the audience.

5. Be creative

No doubt you've heard the term to "think outside the box". Perhaps you've wondered what that meant in actual fact, or you know what it means but you're so firmly "inside the box" that you don't even notice that you're in the box. Social media is a hub of design inspiration. Be creative and think outside the box.

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