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5 Reasons why you need to invest time in your VA upon hiring

Posted by UAMTeam on Jul 9, 2018 6:51:13 PM

5-Reasons-Why-You-Need -to-Invest-Time-in-Your-VA-Upon-Hiring

If you recently hired a virtual assistant you maybe eager to get started and providing them with assignments. However, if you do not take the appropriate initial steps to set up your virtual assistant for success, you can quickly run into a number of issues. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of investing in your virtual assistant from the beginning.


  1. Build Confidence in Your VA

Every successful virtual assistant knows in order to be successful, they need to anticipate their client’s needs. A virtual assistant’s desire is to provide support for those stressful areas in your personal life or business. In order to confidently anticipate those needs, a virtual assistant needs to understand how you operate.

Work with your VA to set expectations so they can confidently provide exactly what you need and when you need it. A confident virtual assistant will eventually be able to act independently as another pair of hands.


  1. Personalize Your VA

By trade, virtual assistants know each client is different. Maybe you prefer to be texted reminders while another client prefers a phone call. Maybe you like your Mondays to remain meeting-free, while another client prefers all their meetings to be at the beginning of the week. By investing time in your virtual assistant you will be giving them the opportunity to get to know you better, ultimately serving you better. Invest the time in the beginning so they can quickly learn how to provide their virtual assistant services best.


  1. Ensure Efficiency

You are running late for a meeting and realize you brought the wrong notes. A quick call to your virtual assistant and you request they upload the document to your Dropbox account. The only problem is they do not have the password. You cannot recall the password so you give her a list of potential passwords. None work and your virtual assistant has to reset your password then upload the document.

This can be a common issue if you do not take the initial steps to make sure your virtual assistant is set up for success. Investing some time in your assistant may look different for everyone, but it can ensure smooth sailing. Especially during those stressful times.


  1. Streamline Projects

Virtual assistants know how to use many different software programs and frequently are required to pick up on new technology. Sometimes this means you may be introducing your virtual assistant to a new program. If so, investing in some training upfront can decrease the amount of time your VA needs to spend on learning a new system.


  1. Ensure it is a Good Fit

The interview process is always the ideal time to discover if you and your virtual assistant will click. However, it may not always be completely apparent at first. Take the time in the beginning to get to know your assistant to ensure it is a good fit for both of you. This can also give you the confidence you made the best decision. Ultimately decreasing your stress and allowing them to take over in more areas.

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