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Uassist.ME Team - Jun 28, 2019

5 Free Video and Sound Editing Software to Make your Life Easier

Most of the websites we’re visiting nowadays include videos with sound and music to guide us through certain software or to provide us with useful information. It's just simpler for users to watch and listen to instructions than read through a manual or plain text. And social networks are not the exception since video content is mega powerful and proven to trigger more engagement than the mere standard graphic with text.  kushagra-kevat-cc4VWYA1S8U-unsplash

Even the main features of an app are usually presented in clips instead of text. The same happens with the timeline of online courses that comes in the form of creative video tracks. And this tendency grows.

Undoubtedly, creating original video and audio for your audience is something which is considered a major part of your video marketing strategy if you sell services or products. Keep in mind that in-app purchases are highly influenced by the use of audio and video content as a promotion vehicle. For example, video tutorials and how-tos are highly popular.

So, you may want to learn all the basics in order to understand how video editing works and do it yourself. Fortunately, there are several high-quality free editing apps which you can check out for video editing services and sound effects.

 It's predicted that by 2021, 80% of the content on the internet will be video. Are you future ready?

1. Audacity 

Audacity is one of the most popular audio editing tools of all times. It's available for most OS (Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix), and it's compatible with a limited amount of popular audio formats such as mp3, wav, and so on. 

Audacity is a very simple and intuitive audio software to use, even if you don't have a clue about audio. It even provides links to resources that will help you erase any doubts that may arise from the different uses of the many tools that are designed to help you modify your audio to your needs. You can have access to a variety of sound effects to record podcasts or even entire albums. 

2. Avidemux 

Avidemux is a perfect software for users who are inexperienced in video editing. The program has a super simple interface, and different tools which are easy enough to use when you want to filter, cut, and encode a video file. It supports the most popular video formats: MP4, MPEG, AVI, and more. As with most of these free tools, Avidemux is compatible with most operating systems. For example, ios and Android. 

The user can also use Avidemux to apply filters to their video footage and capture individual frames into images in various formats (PNG, JPG or BMP), and add subtitles. It also has automated profiles, such as modifiable filters, that will make editing videos much simpler. It also has a feature called "Joblist" which enables the user to arrange their projects to be able to process them in bulk or keep them at hand for later editing. 

3. Blender 

Blender is a free 3D graphics video creation and editing program, which is really awesome to use if you want to model, animate and render real-time interactive 3D software, like games. You can naturally edit videos on this software, but Blender truly shines when it comes to 3D development. Blender is also compatible for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

Blender is certainly not for people who are starting to get familiar with a video editor, but it is definitely one of the most powerful free wares available nowadays. 

Blender will supply the user with a variety of tools that will allow them to develop a complete 3D object, either to animate, render into an image or export and print with a 3D printer. It enables the user to model, texture and render realistic or fantastic objects and figures, but it requires some practice to be fully taken advantage of. 

The versatility of this program is so big that NASA used it for its interactive Curiosity experience and it has also been used to develop special effects for animated titles such as Red Dwarf and The Man in the High Castle. And also the Marvel movie Captain America Winter Soldier. neonbrand-YHYHu_IuM3Q-unsplash


4. Microsoft Movie Maker 

Although windows has not supported Windows Movie Maker for some time, this is still a powerful, easy to use and fun tool for desktop video editing. 

It allows the user to add titles, sound effects, transitions, and background music in a straightforward manner, making it the perfect option for home videos and photo slideshows. It also has some very useful features such as anti-shake options and voice over recording. With its click and drag and drop interface, it's very hard to miss the mark when editing videos on this software making it the best option for beginners and experienced users alike. However, it may lack in the area of personalization of the sound effects. 

5. Wavosaur 

If for some reason you still keep using Windows 98, and really don't want to install any program on your computer due to lack of space, maybe Wavosaur is the sound editing software for you! The only thing you need to download are the skins and free tone generators (and even those are optional). You can also request different tools in their community forums, which means that there are people actively working to make this freeware even better. 

Yet don’t let its small size fool you. Wavosaur comes packed with useful functions and features, such as the ability to copy and paste sections of your audio, inside the same file or into different audio files and a full range of audio processing options, from tweak and normalize to different styles of fade-outs for your audio track. Another cool feature for beginners is that none of those changes is destructive, meaning that if you change your original file in a way you don’t like you can easily undo the changes without having to upload your file again. 

Despite its name, Wavosaur can import and work with a variety of formats like 

  • MP3
  • OGG
  • AIFF
  • IFF
  • AU
  • SND
  • VOX
  • VOC  
  • WVV

and also record audio from scratch. 

6. Extra Tip: Adobe Premiere Elements

This is a brand new version of the video editing app that you can use both in mobile devices or desktop! Some of the core features of this app are:

  • Smart video edition
  • Guided edition
  • Smart cuts
  • Automation
  • Filmmaking effects
  • Improvements in sound effects

(They come explained in video, of course.)

Do you lack the proper time to prepare (edit and upload) your own audio/video content to your website or social channels?  

As video is an increasingly popular trend all over the internet, users are getting more and more demanding as time goes by. Especially when we talk about buying. Unfortunately, having great content is not enough to win the video marketing battle. You ́ll also need outstanding edition and creative media promotion to catch the viewer's eye.

Yes, there's a lot to be done in the video arena. And you can't do it all alone.

However, with the professional help of a dedicated virtual assistant that truly understands your needs, you can simplify your whole:

  • Mobile video editing
  • Audio editing
  • Color correction 
  • Translations of clips
  • Video file organization
  • Social media promotion
  • Web design / mobile optimization 
  • Any other audio or video related task

and leave a lot of free time activities which matter more to you. Maybe it's working out more, writing a book, spending more time with your family, or starting a side business.jakob-owens-l82NzBSYbj0-unsplash (1)

Focus on the core tasks that will grow your business while we focus on doing the rest.

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Written by Uassist.ME Team