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Rodolfo Schildknecht - Feb 23, 2016

10 Clear Signs You’re Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can be a powerful resource for overworked busy professionals or business owners who need an extra hand to get things done. Unfortunately, we often hear these same people dispute their need for an assistant. In most cases they don’t think their workload has gotten so out of control that they need someone else to step in and that overworking is par for the course when you’re focused on being successful. But overworking should not become a regular behavior because it is detrimental to your work-life balance and can harm the quality of the work which you’re completing.

Here’s how to tell if you’re ready (or should be ready) to hire a virtual assistant:

  1. You have so much work on your plate that eachready to hire a virtual assistant task doesn’t get the full time or attention  it needs to be completed with quality.

  2. Some important tasks, like administration or bookkeeping, are being ignored because you need to spend your time on more important things.

  3. There’s work to be done which you aren’t skilled at and can’t complete well.

  4. You have to complete tasks that aren’t part of your passion, or that you just don’t like (think: scheduling appointments, booking travel arrangements, research projects, etc.).

  5. You’re working more than a 40 hour work week regularly.

  6. You’ve missed events in your personal life because you had to work. Events don’t need to be big occasions, it could just mean missing dinner with your family.

  7. You struggle to keep yourself organized because you have so much to do.

  8. You have more work than you can manage by yourself in a day, but not enough work to warrant hiring a full-time staff member.

  9. Each time you finish a task, two more pop up in its place.

  10. One time several years ago, you took a vacation, but now you don’t even know what that word means.

Delegating tasks to a virtual assistant can help you , increase the amount of work and the quality, while regaining control of your work-life balance. If you’re interested in learning more about virtual assistant services, please request a consultation.

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Written by Rodolfo Schildknecht

Rodolfo is co-founder of Uassist.ME.